Travel/Layover FAQ

Here are some travelers frequent ask questions and guide to help you out during your travels and long layover. Be sure to visit the resource links included for more comprehensive guide. If you have any other questions or concerns regarding your layover or travel destination feel free to contact us.

Can I sleep inside the airport?
Typically you can sleep inside the airports as long as you aren’t causing any disturbance or blocking passageways. However, catching up on sleep at the terminal is usually not encouraged for several reasons.

Likely on a domestic or busy international terminal, the airport staff may not allow you to nap. Instead, many airlines may offer dedicated sleeping spaces or a layover package with their partner hotel.

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How can I find an airport hotel or does my airline provide a free hotel room?
Finding a free hotel during your layover solely depends on your airline and layover duration. Most airlines provide free stopover packages for layover flights more than 8-12 hours. Hence, if you are traveling on a long layover, don’t forget to check out your airline’s stopover package (if any).

To find details regarding free hotel rooms, visit the official website or look for stopover packages while confirming tickets.

Can I leave the airport during a layover?
Yes, you may leave the airport during the layover. But it’s not recommended if you are on a 6-8 hours layover as you may have to hustle to catch up on the flight. Though if you can manage the time frame, it’s all fine to sneak out of the airport.

Few airlines provide packages with free on-arrival visas and tour-guided visits to the city with transit facilities.

Do I need a visa if I want to visit my layover destination?
It depends on your terminal, final destination and citizenship/passport status. In most cases, you won’t need a visa when your connecting flight is booked as single transit through the same airline.

In the case of self-transit flights or connecting flights being arranged by different airlines to the final destination. Then you may need an on-arrival visa or E-authorization for the terminal destination. In a few cases, you might be changing airport terminals and need a visa for the next flight. Most airlines facilitate the on-arrival visa at an additional cost.

Do I have enough time to leave the airport?
Time management is crucial while traveling through layover flights. During your free stayover, you might indulge in different activities around the city or partner hotel.

Generally, on a 6-8 hours layover, you can expect an hour or more while transiting through the terminal to a partner hotel. Leaving the airport solely depends on the range of factors and the possibility of re-entering the airport at least an hour before the next flight. On layover longer than 12 hours, you can easily explore the terminal destination. Also, ensure that you have the stayover package from the airline or check-in a nearby hotel room.

What’s the best way to see and tour my layover destination?
The best way to explore the layover destination is by choosing an airline with a free guided tour facility. Yes, airlines have started stopover packages covering free hotel and city tours.

If it is not possible to plan your journey with one of those airlines, you can always explore the city on your own. However, make sure that you are back on time. As you may not want to make sure the connecting flight runs smoothly.

What to do if I missed my connecting flight?
Missing the connecting flight is one of the common possibilities on long layovers. If the airline is responsible for delayed takeoff or boarding issues, it’s all on the airline to arrange the next available flight. In this particular scenario, you can claim a free stopover.

However, if you missed the flight for personal reasons, you will need to immediately inform the terminal about the possible situation. And they will guide your best possible solution. If you are going for a new ticket, do expect to pay the price difference.

Do airlines offer refunds or compensation for missed or canceled flights?
Whether the cancellation or missed flights, if it’s on the airline, they are supposed to provide you accommodation and refreshments and rebook the flight. The flight compensation policies of airlines are somewhat similar.

Refund policies vary from airline to airline. If you are caught up in an unexpected situation, visit the respective airline’s website or customer support desk for their refund and compensation policy. In any of the mentioned scenarios, the eligibility criteria might differ.

What happens to my bags during a layover or connecting flight?
While on a connecting flight, there can be two possibilities depending on factors like airline luggage policy and transit flights. If your eternity is planned with the same airline your luggage will be forwarded to the final destination.

And if your layover is through a different airline or a self-transit, you will have to claim your luggage at the terminal destination. And re check-in for the final destination flight.

Can I store my bag or luggage during a layover?
Generally, there is no secure facility to store luggage at the airport. You may need to check in to a partner hotel on a long layover. Or you can have a hand-carry or backpack for the layover duration. This will minimize the risk of theft and will save you from the hassle of re-claiming the luggage.

If your airline doesn’t provide any stopover program and you might need the luggage, you can try out local luggage storage services. You can find these in the airport vicinity, which may cost a small amount.

What are essential items to bring during a long layover?
• Carrying a hand-carry or backpack is highly recommended for long layovers. It will save you time on claiming luggage and all the extra effort.
• All documents (ID, passport, ticket, E-visa (if needed). Keep your Documents in a safe waterproof compartment.
• Power Bank or a universal plug
• Comfortable clothes for the night and an extra dress for any unexpected situation.
• Over-the-counter medicine or any other medical assistance you may need
• Reusable water bottle
• A handful of your favorite snacks
• A cozy large scarf
• Your favorite book
• Headset or noise-canceling headphones
• A good amount of cash.
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