Currency Converter & Current Exchange Rates

If you’re on a layover or transit and you want to exchange currency or withdraw money at the ATM then knowing the currency exchange rates from your home country to your layover/transit airport destination country is good idea. There are usually numerous currency exchange kiosks to convert currency or withdraw money using an ATM machines at the airport.

Use our currency converter tool below to find out the current exchange rates. Please note that these live exchange rates are updated daily but only gives you an estimate rate and rates might be different at your layover airport.

Should I withdraw cash using the ATM or exchange currency at the airport?

When faced with the choice of whether to withdraw cash from an ATM or exchange currency at the airport, several factors come into play. The decision largely depends on your individual preferences, the destination, and your specific travel needs.

How much are currency exchange fees and ATM fees at the airport?

Currency exchange fees and ATM fees at the airport can vary widely depending on the specific airport, financial institutions involved, and the country’s regulations. However, here are some general guidelines:

Currency Exchange Fees at the Airport

Conversion Spread: Most airport currency exchange counters make a profit by offering exchange rates that are less favorable than the mid-market rate (the real exchange rate you find on currency converter websites).

Service Fees: Many currency exchange services at airports charge a service fee or commission on top of the spread. This fee can range from a fixed amount to a percentage of the total transaction.

Minimum Amounts: Some exchange counters may have minimum transaction amounts, so if you’re only exchanging a small sum, the fees can have a more significant impact on your exchange rate.

ATM Fees at the Airport

ATM Withdrawal Fees: ATMs at airports typically charge a withdrawal fee for foreign cardholders. This fee can vary widely but is often a fixed amount per withdrawal.

Foreign Transaction Fees: Your home bank may charge foreign transaction fees, which can include a percentage of the transaction amount or a flat fee. These fees apply to ATM withdrawals and card purchases made abroad.

ATM Operator Fees: In addition to your home bank’s fees, the ATM’s operator may charge an additional fee. These fees can be displayed on the ATM screen before you complete the transaction, allowing you to opt-out if you choose.

Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC): Some ATMs and point-of-sale terminals at airports offer DCC, which allows you to see the transaction amount in your home currency and pay in that currency. However, this often comes with less favorable exchange rates and additional fees. It’s usually better to choose the local currency option.

To get accurate and up-to-date information on specific fees at a particular airport or ATM, it’s advisable to check with your bank and review the information provided at the airport.

Tips for Exchanging Currency at the Airport

If you decide to exchange currency at the airport, consider these tips to maximize your value:

1. Research Exchange Rates: Check the exchange rates at the airport in advance to have an idea of what to expect. Compare them with rates from other sources, such as local banks or online currency converters.

2. Exchange a Small Amount: Consider exchanging a small amount at the airport to cover immediate expenses and then seek better rates at local banks or ATMs in the city.

3. Avoid Airport Kiosks: Currency exchange kiosks within the terminal often have higher fees and less favorable rates. Opt for the main exchange counters instead.

Tips for Using ATMs at the Airport

If you plan to use ATMs at the airport, keep these tips in mind:

1. Check ATM Locations: Research in advance to find out where the ATMs are located within the airport to avoid unnecessary searches upon arrival.

2. Inform Your Bank: Let your bank know about your travel plans to ensure your ATM card is not blocked for security reasons while abroad.

3. Withdraw Larger Amounts: To minimize transaction fees, consider withdrawing larger amounts less frequently rather than making multiple small withdrawals.