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Montréal–Trudeau International Airport (YUL) the primary international airport in Dorval, Quebec. It serves Greater Montreal, as well as adjacent regions in Quebec, eastern Ontario, the states of Vermont and northern New York in the United States. It is located 20 km (12 mi) from downtown Montreal. The airport is named in honor of Pierre Elliott Trudeau, the 15th Prime Minister of Canada. The airport has had commercial flights since it was opened in 1941. Montreal is known as an important center of commerce, aerospace, transport, finance, pharmaceuticals, technology, design, education, art, culture, tourism, food, fashion, gaming, film, and world affairs.

Can you leave Montreal Airport (YUL) airport during a layover? Do you need a visa?
It's possible to leave Montréal–Trudeau International Airport during a layover. You would need a Temporary Resident Visa (TRV) depending on your nationality to pass through immigration and customs control. (more info)

Tours, Things to do, Sightseeing

Canada Organized Tours

Montreal: Quebec City & Montmorency Falls Day Trip

Discover the magic of Quebec City and Montmorency Falls on a full-day trip by bus from Montreal. Explore the narrow streets, steep hills, and history of Quebec City’s Old Town while visiting Place Royale, Old Quebec, Petit Champlain, Notre Dame Basilica, and the Quebec Citadel. Even ride the funicular built into the cliff which links Upper and Lower Quebec for magnificent views of the river and its surroundings. Be charmed by extraordinary views of the impressive Montmorency Falls which is a waterfall 1.5 times bigger than Niagara. » book this tour

Montreal: Private Tour with a Local

Explore Montreal sociable and passionate locals who will help you discover all the hidden gems of the city. Discover Montreal like a real local as you marvel at the elegance and old-world style of the most European city in North America. By the end of the tour, you’ll feel more comfortable navigating the city and confident about all the information you need to make the most of your stay. » book this tour

Montreal: 3.5-Hour Guided Bus Tour

Montreal is perfect for a guided bus tour and you can enjoy the cultural atmosphere. See the panoramic views of Montreal and St. Lawrence River from St. Joseph’s Oratory atop Mont Royal Park. Experience over 200 points of interest in Montreal such as Mont Royal Park, Place Ville Marie shopping mall, Chinatown and Old Montreal. The entire journey has commentary from a friendly bilingual guide. » book this tour

Canada Things to do / Sightseeing

Montreal Museum of Fine Art

The Montreal Museum of Fine Art is huge and has such a vast collection of 44,000 pieces of art that will take hours to cover in its entirety. In addition, there usually are many interesting temporary exhibits too. This is likely Montreal’s most prestigious museum where you can view an impressive assortment of Canadian and international works, including pieces by such renowned artists as Rembrandt, El Greco, Renoir, Cézanne and Picasso.

Time required: 3 hours.

Airport to here: You can get here in 20 minutes by taxi or the recommended public transport takes almost an hour.

Mount Royal

Mount Royal is an expansive city park which is almost 700 acres in size. The park gives a taste of the outdoors without having to leave the confines of the city. It is possible to explore its forested pathways, picnic in the shade, or do cross-country skiing across miles of trails. Most Canadians believe every minute spent on the mountain is either an escape from the city or a sweeping view of it.

Time required: Half Day.

Airport to here: You can get here in 30 minutes by taxi or the recommended public transport takes over an hour.

Six Flags Montreal

Six Flags, also known as La Ronde was originally built in 1967 for the World Expo. It has been modernized by an international chain into an amusement park with roller coasters of all kinds. The park is fun for all ages and has new thrill rides, fireworks, and shows!

Time required: Half Day.

Airport to here: You can get here in 20 minutes by taxi or the recommended public transport takes almost an hour and 30 minutes.

Montreal Biodome

The Montreal Biodome is a facility found at Olympic Park and allows visitors to walk through replicas of four ecosystems found in the Americas such as the Tropical Forest, the Laurentian Forest, the Saint Lawrence Marine Ecosystem and Subpolar Region. The building was originally made for the 1976 Olympic Games as a velodrome however it was renovated to indoor nature exhibit.

Time required: 3 hours.

Airport to here: It takes an average of 30 minutes to get here by taxi or an hour by public transport.

Jean Talon Market

Jean Talon Market is one of the oldest public markets in Montréal, first opened in May 1933. Jean-Talon Market stands out with its many local fruit and vegetable growers, its diversity of small shopkeepers and its restaurateurs. It is a charming market and is perfect for a gastronomic hunt and it is also overflowing with local specialties. There’s something for every occasion and every taste!

Time required: 2 hours.

Airport to here: It takes an average of 20 minutes to get here by taxi or about an hour by public transport.

Saint Joseph’s Oratory

This is the biggest church in Canada and thus it attracts many pilgrims every year. It also has one of the largest church domes in the world. The Oratory is the highest building in Montreal and rises more than 30 meters higher than the height of Mount Royal’s summit, allowing it to be seen from many kilometers away. There is a great view at the top of this Roman Catholic so make sure to climb up. You can even enter the oratory and have a quiet moment for yourself.

Time required: 1 hour.

Airport to here: It’s a 25 minutes drive to get here or 50 minutes by public transport.

Montreal Holocaust Museum

Montreal Holocaust Museum tells a powerful story of Jewish communities before, during and after the Holocaust. It offers both permanent and temporary exhibits throughout the year featuring testimonies and objects from survivors to teach visitors about genocide in the past as well as in the present. Recent visitors called the museum humbling and moving, especially the video collection, which is narrated by survivors.

Time required: 1 hour.

Airport to here: It’s a 25 minutes drive to get here or about an hour by public transport.

Things to Do in Montreal Airport (YUL)

Relaxing and Sleeping

Airport Lounges and Relaxing
There are numerous lounges in each terminal. » view all lounges or buy a lounge pass or membership online

Hotel and Sleeping
There are many hotel options less than a mile away. » view all or book an airport hotel online

Rest Area and Sleeping in Airport
There are no designated rest areas within the airport.

WIFI/Internet and SIM Card

WIFI/Internet: Free WiFi is available for 60 minutes, connect to the “YUL Wi-Fi”

SIM Card: There are several shops within the airport that sell SIM cards. » buy a global sim card for Canada, Montreal that you can use for other countries as well!

Transportation to/from airport

Taxi: Taxi stands are found outside the central exit of the Arrivals of each terminal.

Train: The AirConnect airport shuttle connects Montreal-Trudeau International Airport with VIA Rail, a nationwide inter-city passenger railway service in Canada. (more info).

Bus: Local bus lines link the Montréal-Trudeau airport and downtown Montréal (more info).

Shuttle: Orléans Express offers a return shuttle service by coach between Montréal–Trudeau and the cities of Trois-Rivières, Ste-Foy and Québec City while Greyhound offers a return shuttle service by coach between Montréal–Trudeau and the cities of Ottawa and Gatineau.

Car rentals: Car rental counters are available onsite at the arrival halls of each terminal at the airport. » view available cars or rent a car now online

Parking: The parking lots are found close to each terminal and there is information online about the availability of booking and reservation.

Luggage Storage & Lockers

There are storage rooms found in the Domestic Terminal and it is possible to keep a wide range of items there. » book a luggage storage or locker at Montreal Airport (YUL) online (subject to availability).

Money Exchange and Withdrawal

- Montreal Airport (YUL) ATMs, currency exchanges and banks