Berlin Layover Guide (TXL)

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Berlin Tegel “Otto Lilienthal” Airport (TXL) is the major international airport of Berlin, capital of Germany. The airport is situated in Tegel and it is 8 km (5.0 mi) from the city centre of Berlin. There are flights to several European metropolitan destinations as well as intercontinental routes. These commercial flights started in 1960. Berlin is a global city filled with culture, politics, media and science. It is known for Its economy, as a tourist destination, as an industrial city and educational center.

Can you leave Berlin Airport (TXL) airport during a layover? Do you need a visa?
It's possible for certain travelers to visit Berlin during a layover but others require a transit visa depending on nationality. (more info).

Tours, Things to do, Sightseeing

Berlin Organized Tours

Tour in German: Reichstag Dome & Government District

This guided tour gives you the chance to explore the political and historical background of Berlin as well as visiting the parliament and government district of the capital. Visit the Plenarsaal and the dome of the Reichstag. Learn more about history, architecture, and politics, while you explore the Brandenburg Gate, Pariser Platz and others landmarks. Remember to take in the breathtaking panoramic view of Berlin and hear interesting stories from your expert guide. » book this tour

Third Reich Half-Day Walking Tour of Berlin

Get to experience the dark historical sights of Berlin through an interactive walking tour. Visit the city’s former Nazi buildings such as the SS and Gestapo headquarters, Soviet war memorials, and the site where Hitler’s bunker stood. There is much to uncover as Berlin was once the center of the Third Reich and Hitler’s 12-year Nazi Empire. Learn how Hitler rose to power and turned Berlin into part of the Nazi machine on this moving, and informative half-day tour. » book this tour

Berlin: 1.5-Hour Comedy Bus Tour in German

Discover Berlin on this fantastic comedy tour which is a unique combination of comedy and historical anecdotes. The tour lets you explore the famous sights in the German capital including the Brandenburg Gate, Museum Island, and Unter den Linden. Numerous gags, stories, and unusual acts make this tour through the German capital a truly memorable experience. » book this tour

Berlin Things to do / Sightseeing

Gardens Of The World

Consistent with its name, this garden is made up of a series of gardens of other countries that ultimately signifies unity. The Italian Renaissance, Oriental, Chinese, Korean and Japanese gardens are beautifully landscaped perfectly to accommodate your pleasure. It’s a very serene environment to have a picnic or chill out day and even has a garden area for children with fairytale figures.

Time required: Half a day.

Airport to here: 50 minutes via taxi and an hour via public transport.

The Story Of Berlin Museum

Stroll through 800 years of Berlin history curated to reflect the zeitgeist of historical eras of the city. It is an interactive exhibition that spans across 23 rooms and employs the use of sounds and films in an attempt to make visitors feel the zeitgeist of the times. The most captivating part about the exhibition is the nuclear bunker from the Cold War and some very interesting artefacts.

Time required: 3 hours.

Airport to here: 19 minutes via taxi and 29 minutes via public transport.

East Side Gallery

Take a walk along the 4,318 ft long open-air gallery in central Berlin — it is a long wall covered with colorful thought-provoking featuring over more than 102 artists from all over the world and has been in existence since 1990. It is regarded as the world’s largest open-air gallery and a heritage-protected landmark which annually attracts over 3 million visitors.

Time required: 1-2 hours.

Airport to here: 32 minutes via taxi and 51 minutes via public transport.

Legoland Discovery Centre

Planning a fun vacation trip for you and the kids in Berlin? This is where you’d want to be for a memorable magical experience. Go on a 4D cinema adventure, build lego structures, assume roles, join lego workshops, see lego-built miniatures of popular Berlin places and lots of other fun adventures for your kids. It is an indoor theme park located at the marvellous Sony Center which accommodates shops, restaurants, art and film museums and has free wi-fi available.

Time required: Half a day.

Airport to here: 22 minutes via taxi and 33 minutes via public transport.

Natural History Museum

The history of nature is kept alive here through preservation by the museum, which houses a wide collection of zoological and mineral specimens some of which date back to the 1700s. An estimated count of 30 million specimens has been documented. Here at the Museum für Naturkunde, you get to see an illustrated exhibition about the evolution and the largest mounted dinosaur skeleton in the world and the specimen of Archaeopteryx, the earliest known bird. The famous Tristan The T-Rex also lives here where you earn more insight about the age of dinosaurs.

Time required: Half a day.

Airport to here: 21 minutes via taxi and 26 minutes via public transport.

Tour The World Renowned Olympic Stadium

Definitely, a very famous favorite place to visit for its historical essence while in Berlin. It’s advised to take a guided tour while here to know the history of parts of the stadium that are explored. It is here that African-American athlete Jesse Owens put on a memorable performance to become four-time gold medalist at that 1936 Olympic Games.

Time required: 1-2 hours.

Airport to here: 15 minutes via taxi and 41 minutes via public transport.

Berlin Spy Museum

Discover the James Bondesque world of spies and secret service agents from a vast inventory collection including props from James Bond films, rare CIA cameras, Spy Maps, listening devices, morse, reproduction devices and enigma machines used by these agents. The exhibition takes you through different topics ranging from the Cold War, WW1, WW2, Spy Training, Conspiracy Theories, Espionage, Animal Spies and a whole lot more. For fun for you and your kids you can attempt being a spy in the Laser Obstacle Course by trying to trigger any lasers.

Time required: 2 – 3 hours.

Airport to here: 22 minutes via taxi and 34 minutes via public transport.

Things to Do in Berlin Airport (TXL)

Relaxing and Sleeping

Airport Lounges and Relaxing
Lounges are mainly found in Terminal A on the 1st Floor. » view all lounges or buy a lounge pass or membership online

Hotel and Sleeping
Many hotels are found within a mile of the airport. » view all or book an airport hotel online

Rest Area and Sleeping in Airport
There are no designated resting zones.

WIFI/Internet and SIM Card

WIFI/Internet: Connect to the “_ Free Airport WiFi” network for free unlimited WiFi.

SIM Card: There are several shops within the airport that sell SIM cards. » buy a global sim card for Berlin, that you can use for other countries as well!

Transportation to/from airport

Taxi: Taxis are available on a 24-hour basis at taxi ranks located outside the terminals.

Train: The Berlin Hauptbahnhof is just a 30-minute ride from Tegel Airport (more info).

Bus: There are several bus options that are well integrated with Berlin's local transport network (more info).

Shuttle: Some hotels and private companies organise their own shuttle services.

Car rentals: The car rental centre is located on the lower floor near Terminal E and car park P2. » view available cars or rent a car now online

Parking: There is spacious parking available since there are four different parking areas to choose from at Tegel Airport, you can pay automatically at the car park.

Luggage Storage & Lockers

The Service Center on the Ground Floor of Terminal A offers luggage storage and locker services. » book a luggage storage or locker at Berlin Airport (TXL) online (subject to availability).

Money Exchange and Withdrawal

- Berlin Airport (TXL) ATMs, currency exchanges and banks